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 DivX (sve verzije - ovde)

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PočaljiNaslov: DivX (sve verzije - ovde)   2010-06-23, 11:23

DivX Codec Pro,Converter,Author,Dr.DivX,Player,We[/b]


All DivX Tools

DivX Codec:
* Compress videos to save hard drive space
* Create high-definition videos in 1080i and 1080p
* Advanced multipass encoding for higher quality video in less time
* Optimized for HyperThreaded, dual CPU (SMP) and dual core systems

DivX Converter:
* Drag and drop you videos into DivX video in one step
* Create videos with advanced interactive features
* Batch encode multiple files into DivX video

* Able to convert most input files Dr. DivX can convert most input files including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, AVISynth scripts to DivX.
* Uses available DivX encoder If you install a new version of the DivX encoder, Dr. DivX automatically uses it for encoding.
* Tweak encode settings If required, encode settings can be manually configured for optimal output.
* Generates DivX files which are playable on DivX certified players Since Dr. DivX respects DivX certification constraints, all files generated by the application are guaranteed to playback on DivX certified hardware players.
* Watch folders Monitor user specified folders to automatically convert newly added files using configured output profile.
* Supports multiple audio tracksConvert multiple audio tracks using different encoder settings for each track. MP3, MP3 Surround and AC-3 are supported output audio formats.
* Supports multiple subtitle tracks in VOB input Convert DVD subtitle tracks to DivX XSUB subtitle tracks.
* Automatically configures encode settings for requested quality level User needs to choose only the required quality level, the application does the rest.
* Include MP3 surround encoder Dr. DivX can encode your multi-channels 5.1 audio and video sources to MP3 surround, MP3 surround is backward compatible with “Normal” MP3 while preserving the full 5.1 channel separation. You will need to use the DivX player 6.4 to take advantage of 5.1 audio decoding.
* Automatically configures encode settings for requested output file size User needs to choose only the required output file size, the application does the rest.
* Create and load custom profiles Manage encoding settings using custom profiles.
* Preview video crop and resize settings Real-time updations of video based on user specified crop and resize values.
* Batch control Re-order, Re-configure and Remove encodes from the batch.
* Audio track preview Playback input audio tracks to confirm correct selection for encode.
* Track information tagging Tag audio and subtitle tracks with descriptive information.
* Pause and resume encodes Resume from paused encode stage.
* Post encode plugins Add and configure plugins which will run after an encode has successfully finished.
* CLI version of application for scripting Use the CLI version of application for automated batch encodes.

DivX Web Player:
* Play DivX video in your web browser
* Use the DivX Web Player to easily put videos on your web page
* Support for subtitles and multiple audio tracks

DivX Player:
* Play every DivX file ever created (just not all at once)
* Optimized for DivX HD and interactive DivX media files
* Ear drum rocking surround sound
* Publish your videos directly to DivX Stage6

DivX Author:
* DivX Author allows you to create videos and slide shows that take advantage of all the advanced features of DivX including interactive menus, chapter points and multiple subtitles and audio tracks.
* Create ur Own DVDRips DVD with This.


DivX Tools


DivX Author Tutorial

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Broj poruka : 760
Poeni : 1578
Koliko njih me postuje : 5
Datum upisa : 08.05.2010

PočaljiNaslov: Re: DivX (sve verzije - ovde)   2010-06-23, 11:24

DivX Pro v7.2.0 Final - Multilingual - Full
Incl. Serials ( 100% working )
New Release: June 04, 2009

DivX Pro 7 for Windows is our premium software offering, providing everything you need for a true HD experience. Utilizing our latest and greatest video technology based on H.264, the new standard for HD digital video, DivX Pro 7 lets you create HD video and play MKV videos with high-quality AAC audio. You can also play your DivX files (.divx, .avi) on millions of DivX Certified® devices today. Look for DivX Plus™ HD Certified devices later this year that will support playback of all DivX and DivX Plus files, as well as .mkv (H.264/AAC) videos from the Internet.

DivX for Windows download includes:

DivX Pro Codec 6.8.5

* Create high-quality, highly compressed DivX videos using third-party software or with DivX Converter
* Watch DivX videos (.avi and .divx) in Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, RealPlayer and other popular media players
* Guarantee that your videos will play back beyond the PC on DivX Certified DVD players, mobile phones, gaming consoles and more.
* Fine tune your video with advanced encoding settings for higher-quality files

DivX Web Player 1.4

* Play DivX video (up to 1080p HD) in your browser
* Easily add DivX video to your website or blog
* Download videos to watch later
* Enjoy multiple audio tracks and subtitles in your browser

DivX Converter 7.1.0

* Easily convert your digital videos from most popular formats (e.g. WMV, AVI, MOV) to .divx and .mkv in one step
* Use the pre-set profiles to ensure that your videos will play on a variety of DivX Certified devices including DivX Plus HD Certified devices coming soon
* Merge multiple videos into one DivX file and add external subtitles
* Use advanced encoding settings to take more control over your video output

DivX Player 7.2.0

* Play all DivX videos, including new DivX Plus HD (.mkv) videos and H.264/AAC files from the Internet.
* Burn DivX videos to disc for playback on millions of DivX Certified® DVD players
* Watch premium DivX videos with support for other popular formats
* Get pure 5.1 channel, room-rattling surround sound
* Support for .srt subtitles for a more complete viewing experience

DivX H.264

H.264 is the new standard for high definition (HD) digital video, and for good reason. A codec based on the H.264 standard compresses a digital video file so that it only uses half the space of MPEG-2 (the DVD standard), to deliver the same quality video. This means you can enjoy stunning HD video the way it was meant to be seen without sacrificing speed or performance.

Compatible with: Windows 2000 /XP / Vista and Win7
Multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German.
Size: 20 MB


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DivX (sve verzije - ovde)
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