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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (2000-2004)

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Plot Summary: 3000 Years ago marked the turning point of an Egyptian Dynasty; the Pharaoh's spirit was sealed inside one of the ancient relics, the Millennium Puzzle, after saving the kingdom from an enemy army. Now, in the present age, the Millennium Puzzle is found by a young boy, Yugi Mutou, who unlocks the spirit of the puzzle and is possessed by the sprit of the old Pharaoh, who lost all of his memories from his old life. As a thank you to the spirit who saved him from bullies and gave him new friends, Yugi decided to help the spirit out and find a way to recover his lost memories and send him to the after life.

These links are Yu-Gi-Oh Japanese Uncut episodes. It is subbed. Screw 4kids' dubs, they kill the storyline. If you hate the dub, I suggest you watch the subs...I got this from the Yugioh fans forum.

Season 01: Duelist Kingdom Episodes 001 - 049

1. Terrifying Blue-Eyes White Dragon
2. The Illusionist's No Face's Trap
3. Loss of Exodia
4. The Insector Combo
5. Perfectly Evolved Great Moth
6. Beautiful Harpy Ladies
7. Sea God Leviathan
8. Stolen Blue-Eyes White Dragon
9. Back From the Dead! Magic Silk Hat!
10. Blue-Eyes White Dragon's Counter Attack
11. Strength of Friendship, Barbarian 1 and 2
12. Black Flame, Red-Eyes Black Dragon
13. Metamol Pot's Trap! Flame Swordsman in Danger!
14. The Castle Which Spreads the Darkness
15. Cut Through the Darness! Sealing Swords of Light!
16. Clash! Red-Eyes VS White-Eyes!
17. Terror! Cry of the Living Dead
18. Shield in Right Hand, Sword in Left Hand
19. Tag Duel in a Labyrinth
20. Three Gods Combine, Gate Guardian
21. Black Demon Dragon
22. Fated Duel! Yugi VS Kaiba
23. Beautiful! Perfect! Ultimate Dragon
24. Kuribo Multiply! Astonishing Results!
25. A Duel in Tears
26. Rescue Mokuba! Kaiba VS Pegasus
27. Kaiba Falls! Invincible Toon World!
28. Night Before the Finals! Pegasus' Secret!
29. Driven to Desperation! Temptation' Shadow!
30. The Legendary Soldier - Chaos Soldier Descends
31. Brutal Heavy Metal Deck
32. Times Up! Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon!
33. A Game of Friendship - Yugi VS Jounouchi (Part 1)
34. A Game of Friendship - Yugi VS Jounouchi (part 2)
35. Final Duel - Yugi VS Pegasus
36. All Atatcks Ineffective? Invincible Toon Army
37. Begin the Counterattack! Mind Shuffle
38. The Wicked Eye Opens - Sacrifice
39. Fusion of Light and Darkness! Black Chaos Descends!
40. King of Duelists
41. The Girl from America
42. Deadly Shawdow Ghoul.
43. The Big 5's Trap: Duel Monsters Quest.
44. Duel Monster's Quest 2:The Legendary Hero Yuugi
45. Duel Monsters Quest 3: Master of Dragon Knight.
46. Mysterious Transfer Student Otogi Ryuuji.
47. Showdown! Dungeon Dice Monsters.
48. Yugi's Desperate Battle: God Orguss's Violent Attack.
49. The Miracle Dimension: The Black Magician Summon.

Season 02: Battle City Tournament Episodes 050 - 097

50. Challenge from the Past: Horrifying Zera.
51. The Broken Millennium Puzzle.
52. The Lost Memory of the Pharaoh.
53. Fiery Dance Battle.
54. This Town Becomes Battle City!
55. Ghouls Attack: Take Aim at Red Eyes Black Dragon.
56. Fierce Fight! Battle City Begins.
57. Turn the Tables: Chain Destruction.
58. Esper Roba: Psychic Deck Terror.
59. The Couragous Bet: Spinning Roulette Spider. (RAW) - Episode 59 SUB FILE
60. Black Magician User Pandora.
61. Soul of the Black Magician.
62. Magician's Disciple: Black Magician Girl.
63. Trap of Revenge: Reckless! Parasite.
64. Steel Knight Gearfried.
65. Malik's Opening Play: God Combo.
66. Saint Dragon - The God of Osiris.
67. Overcoming God! The Ultimate Infinite Loop.
68. Unseen Enemy: Sea Stealth II.
69. Legendary Fisherman.
70. Spell of the Mask: The Skyscraper Duel.
71. Sealed God Cards.
72. Cooperate Please!
73. Obelisk The Great War God.
74. Bonds.
75. The Coldhearted Duel: Yugi vs Jounouchi.
76. Report! Friendship's Red Eyes Black Dragon.
77. Countdown to Desperation.
78. Attack Me! The Fatal Last Turn.
79. Ghost Deck vs Occult Deck.
80. Meet Ninja Master Magnum.
81. Battle Ship Take Off!
82. The First Sky Duel: Yugi vs Dark Bakura.
83. Ouija Board's Death Call.
84. God Smashes the Darkness.
85. Hidden Power: The Purpose of the God Cards.
86. Jounouchi vs The Trap Deck.
87. The Inherited Card: Psycho Shocker Counterattack!
88. Summon Ra the Winged God Dragon.

Battle City TV Special
New Year 2002 Commericial

89. Ra's Rage: Stand Up Jounouchi!
90. Mai vs Malik: Duel of Darkness.
91. Capturing the God Card.
92. The Riddle of the Hieratic Text.
93. Kaiba vs the Eighth Duelist
94. One Attack Changes the Future.
95. The Truth About the Ishtars Revealed.
96. Malik vs Bakura.
97. One Turn Kill.

Season 3: Duel Finals : Alcatraz 098 - 144
Noah's Virtual World 098 - 121

98. The Unknown Challenger: The Huge Mobile Fortress Surfaces. - Sub file 098
99. Deck Master: Deep Sea Warrior. - Sub file 099
100. The Terrifying Revival Combo. - Sub file 100
101. Counterattacking Rainbow Arch. - Sub file 101
102. Iceberg Duel: Anzu Targeted. - Sub file 102
103. Shine! The Jewel of the Sage.
104. Deck Master: Judge Man's Judgment.
105. Betting on Victory
106. A Man's Passage to the Stage: Honda's Death for Honor.
107. St. Jannu: The Trinity's Attack.
108. Kidnaped Mokuba: Kaiba vs Psycho Shocker.
109. Attack from Space: Satellite Cannon.
110. The Mystery Deepens: Noa's True Colors.
111. The Big 5's Counterattack.
112. Jounouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory. part 01
112. Jounouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory. part 02
113. Defeat Five God Dragon!
114. Noah vs Seto: Duel of the Creation of Heaven and Earth.
115. Invincible Deck Master: The Miracle Ark.
115. Invincible Deck Master: The Miracle Ark - Re-uploded Episode
116. Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn.
117. The Deck Taken Over: Yugi vs Noah.
118. LP 10000 vs 100!!
119. The Kaiba Family's Darkness.
120. Exodia Necross
121. Escape! The End of Noa.

Alcatraz Island 122 - 144

122. The Location of the Finals, Alcatraz.
123. Battle Royal.
124. The Respective Opponents.
125. Jounouchi vs Malik, Part 1.
125. Jounouchi vs Malik, Part 2.
126. Poet of Hell - Hellpoemer
127. The Tables Turn: Gilford the Lightning.
128. Jounouchi Falls.
129. The Sky Coliseum: Yugi vs Kaiba.
130. Three Knights to Call a God.
131. Clash! Osiris vs Obelisk.
132. Inherit the Destined Duel.
133. Promise to a Friend: Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
134. Defeat Hatred! Black Paladin.
135. The Ordinary Duelist's Road of Flame: Jounouchi vs Kaiba.
136. Blue-Eyes White Dragon vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
137. The Road to Becoming a True Duelist.
138. The Final: Yugi vs Malik.
139. Devil's Sanctuary Called!
140. Immortal Wall: God Slime.
141. Obelisk's Anger: Soul Energy—MAX.
142. The End of Battle City.
143. Alcatraz Burns.
144. Signs.

Season 4: DOMA 145 - 184

145. A New Dark Turmoil.
146. The Seal of Orichalcos.
147. The Nameless Dragon, Timaeus.
148. Pegasus's Invitation.
149. Toon World Nightmare.
150. Wake Up Critius!
151. An Unexpected Enemy.
152. Mai Fallen Into Darkness.
153. Revive! The Third Dragon.
154. The Miracle of Helmos.
155. Target the Nameless Pharaoh.
156. Yugi vs Rafael's Iron Wall Guardian Deck.
157. The Truth About Doma.
158. The Darkness Within Yugi: Timaeus Disappears.
159. The Separated Souls.
160 + 161. Haga & Ryuuzaki: Soul Bet Duel - Part 1 and Part 2
162. Timaeus Invoked.
163. Showdown! The Two Yugis!
164. Orichalcos Soldier.
165. Varon Begins! Enigmatic Dark Deck.
166. Amelda's Sky Duel of Revenge.
167 + 168. Air Fortress Ziggurat - Part 1 and Part 2
169. Crash! Jounouchi vs Varon.
170. Full Armor Gravitation.
171. Resounding Soul.
172. At the End of a Fierce Battle.
173. Bitter Victory (Jounouchi's Fall).
174. The Destined Duel: Yugi vs Rapheal.
175. Immortal! Guardian Deathscythe.
176. Smash the Darkness of the Heart!
177. To the Final Battleground! Dartz vs Yugi & Kaiba.
178. The History and Tragedy of Atlantis.
179. Captive Mirror Knights.
180. Orichalcos' Third and Final Seal.
181. Arise! The Three Legendary Knights.
182. Infinite Attack Power Evil God Gê.
183. Battle of the Gods.
184. Walking in the Light.

Season 5: The Millennium World 185 - 224
KC Grand Prix 185 - 198

185. KC Grand Prix Opens
186. Caught up in the Plot
187. Jounouchi vs Mask the Rock
188. Phantom Ancient Dragon
189. Hot! Rebecca vs Vivian
190. Jounouchi vs Sieg: A Magnificent Duel
191. Goddesses of Monster Removal
192. Rebecca vs Leon
193. Leon of Fairytale Land
194. Kaiba Intrudes! Grand Prix Finals
195. Valkyrie vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon
196. Duel King Final: Yugi vs Leon
197. Stromberg's Golden Castle
198. KC Grand Prix Ends RAW
198. KC Grand Prix Ends SUBBED!

Pharaoh Memory World 199 - 219

199. The Ultimate Game
200. Yami Bakura on the Move
201. The Door of Memory Opens
202. Watch Out! Bakura: King of Thieves
203. Mahado's Decision
204. Battle to the Death! Mahado Vs. Bakura
205. Blue Eyed Kisara
206. Secret of the Creation of the Millennium Items
207. Wound Back Time
208. The Pharaoh Has Survived
209. The Village Of The Dead
210. The End of Thief King Bakura
211. New Stage
212. The Great Priest of Darkness
213. Countdown to Great Demon Revival
214. White Dragon
215. Revival of the Great Demon Zork
216. The Legendary Protector God, Exodia Revives!
217. Summon! The Three Gods
218. Zork Vs. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
219. In the Name of the Pharaoh!!

The Ceremonial Battle 220 - 224

220. The Final Test
221. Last Duel of Destiny
222. Defeat the Three Gods!
223. Strong Heart - Tender Heart
224. The Story That Completes in the Light

Guys, the sub file is needed with the raw episode if you want to watch the episode subbed, otherwise you'd be watching it textless, so download both parts.[/quote]
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (2000-2004)
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